How to Activate Skyrim Survival Mode

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  • On Skyrim: Open Skyrim game → System Settings Gameplay Survival mode.

Skyrim is one of the popular action-based games played in first and third-person perspectives. It lets the user roam freely over the land of Skyrim with dungeons, caves, cities, and more. The game has many special features, and the survival mode is one feature that makes the game even more challenging. Before you activate the Skyrim Survival mode, you should monitor various factors. For instance, there is no health regeneration, and you should use potions, cast spells, or eat food to regain health. This mode is mainly for players who like challenges and risks.

Changes in Skyrim Survival Mode

As the core components are altered, you will find the below changes with Skyrim.

No Fast Travel

  • If you forget something to take, you have to make a fast trip to pick. Fast travel is not possible while traveling, you’ll have to walk.

Level Up via Sleeping

  • In the vanilla Skyrim, you can level up anytime, but you can do this only after you sleep.

Reduced Stamina/Mana

  • If you are in a state of hungry, cold, or fatigue, you will suffer from a reduction of stamina/ Mana.

Warm/Cold Meters

  • Based on your conditions, that is hot or cold, and you will be shown a Snowflake or Sun at the top of your HUD. This will also affect you because of too warm and cold.


  • In survival mode, you can’t get healthy by waiting for some time. To gain health, you need to eat, sleep, or use a health potion to get the tip-top shape back.

Note: You can activate Mods on Minecraft by installing the Forge Mod installer.

How to Enable or Activate Skyrim Survival Mode

1. First, launch the Skyrim game and run to the System menu.

2. Choose the Settings option and hit Gameplay.

3. Finally, tap the Survival mode option to activate the mode.

Note: If you want to disable Skyrim Survival mode, follow the steps and tap Disable option instead of Enable.

Skyrim Survival Mode not Appearing in Settings

If you can’t find the Survival mode in Settings, you are a new user to save Skyrim. Now, you have to complete the tutorial of Skyrim. Once you finish watching the Unbound intro quest with Hadvar or Ralof, you will receive a notification regarding the Survival mode.

 Activate Skyrim Survival Mode

It will give you detailed information about the modes like being warier about catching diseases, needing to sleep, and more. Then, it will ask you whether you want to enable the Survival mode or not. Finally, hit the Yes option.

Note – You can activate the Epic Games account using the launcher or website.

Skyrim Survival Mode Tips and Tricks

1. If you want to know what is affecting you currently, go to the Active Effects in the Magic menu and see the problems, like being hungry, tired, or more.

Choose Active Effects

2. Don’t enter into the water when it’s cold, because you will catch a disease and there is a chance of dying and losing your progress while playing.

3. In the tundra place, you will feel cold. So, eating warm soup will keep you warm. If that doesn’t work, you can use a torch to warm your bones.

3. Sometimes, in the dungeon, you won’t get any food to eat except the raw fish that you caught from outside. So, it’s better to cook your food before eating, and there is also a chance of food poisoning.

4. Fishing is the only option to get the food easily still you find the better fishing spot.

5. Traveling by horse and cart to far places will make you tired and hungry. If you are in a state of fatigue and hunger, don’t go too far because there is a chance of dying on the spot.

6. If you get cold, then you will become slow. It will affect your stamina, and you can’t swing any weapons.


Is Skyrim Survival mode available on PS4?

Yes. First, Skyrim mode is released for Windows via Stream beta, and now it becomes available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more.

Can you fast-travel to campsites in Skyrim survival mode?

No fast travel is not possible in Survival mode. You have to walk.

Is Console commands disabled in survival mode?

Yes, the Console command is completely disabled while playing in survival mode.

Why is Survival Mode not working in Skyrim?

It will not work until you finish the tutorial and the first quest.

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