How to Activate SpeedTalk SIM Card

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  • On Web – Go to the SpeedTalk Website >> tap Activate >> Enter Numbers and Email address >> hit Get a PIN option >> click Continue >> input Zip code >> choose Payment >> finally Submit.

SpeedTalk Mobile is one of the popular cellular services and offers many compatible wireless plans for mobiles, smartwatches, GPS Trackers, and more. It is a subscription-based service and has many plans. However, SpeedTalk is the only platform to offer wireless service plans to its users. Currently, this firm provides 4G/LTE and 5G subscription plans for their customers at competitive prices. If you know how to activate your SpeedTalk Mobile SIM card, then you can browse the web, stream movies or shows from Netflix or any other streaming services.

Purchase of SIM

If you want a SpeedTalk SIM card, you can purchase a plan from SpeedTalk Mobile directly. They provide SIM cards via the GSM-T network, and you can also use their coverage maps to verify the coverages for your phone or device. Also, their IoT Plans with the GSM-T network work on Alarm Systems, smartwatches, and GPS Trackers.

How to Activate Speedtalk Mobile SIM on the Web

Once you receive SIM cards in the mail, you need to use the internet to activate your SIM card on your new mobile phone.

1. To activate SpeedTalk, navigate to the activation website of Speedtalk ( on any web browser.

2. Now, click Activate option in the top right corner of the screen.

Activate Speetalk - Click Activate

3. You need to enter the Speedtalk mobile SIM card number on the following screen. For this, you should look for the numbers below the bar code on your SIM card.

SIM Card number

4. Now, enter the SIM card number as such on the activation website and click on the Continue button.

Activate Speedtalk - Enter the Sim Card Number

5. To verify that you are human, it is mandatory to perform some simple addition calculations.

6. Further, enter the email address you wish to use for this account and tap the Get a PIN button to proceed forward.

7. Now, go to your email inbox, search for the Personal identification number from your SpeedTalk mobile.

8. After finding the number, copy and paste it or enter it manually. Once you have entered, tap the Continue button.

9. On the following screen, you must input the Shipping ZIP code in the given column and hit the Continue option.

10. Select Have System and pick a random option. This will permit you to choose a ZIP code showing where your phone number needs to be associated.

11. Now, you will be prompted to enter the following details First Name, Last Name, City, Address Line 1, State and ZIP Code, Email, and Phone number.

Enter the details

12. Choose the Continue option to proceed. Then, pay an amount for the activation process through a debit or credit card.

13. Finally, to complete the registration process read the terms and conditions and hit the Submit option.

Choose Payment method

Note: If you have purchased Net10 SIM, you shall activate Net10 SIM online easily.


How to cancel SpeedTalk mobile SIM?

To cancel SpeedTalk mobile SIM, navigate to the SpeedTalk Mobile website. Scroll down and tap the Contact Us option. Then, choose Cancel My SpeedTalk Account under the drop-down menu. Now, enter your email ID and your phone number. Finally, enter the reason for deletion and tap the Submit option.

How to contact SpeedTalk customer care service?

You can contact SpeedTalk customer care service via phone at 1-310-707-0000 or 1=866-701-5577.

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