How to Activate Sprint Phone in 2022

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Sprint is one of the most popular telecommunication companies in the US. Recently, Sprint merged with T-Mobiles, a telecommunication company. They are known for having the largest 5G network in the US. T-Mobile sells SIMs, smartphones, TVs, and devices like smartwatches, tablets, and other accessories. Sprint sells smartphones to users along with SIM cards which include better features than Tracfone. Since it has merged with the T-mobiles, people may get confused about how and where to activate the sprint phone after the purchase. Activating sprint phones is easy and can be done in a few minutes.

Methods to Activate Sprint Phone

You can activate your Sprint phones in two different ways.

  • By Online
  • By Phone Call

Activating Sprint Phone by Online

1. Open a browser on your smartphone/PC and visit the Sprint phone activation site.

2. Click on Sign In. You can see the options in the drop-down. Click on My Account.

3. Next, enter your Username and Password to Sign In.

4. Navigate to the Settings, and click on Manage This Device.

5. Under that section, click on Activate New Phone.

6. You will be asked for the serial numbers of the SIM card and phone. For the phone, you can see the serial number on the phone’s box.

7. Enter the serial number, proceed with the on-screen instructions, and your sprint phone will be activated within a few minutes.

Sometimes, you may not be able to find your device name from the list. You need the smartphone’s IMEI number to activate.

8. Go to Settings on your smartphone, and search for the IMEI number. If you can’t find the number, launch the dialer, and dial the number *#06#. You can get the IMEI number of your smartphone.

9. Using the IMEI number, follow the on-screen steps to activate your Sprint phone.

Tips! If you have purchased the T-Mobile SIM card, you can easily activate it within a few minutes.

Activating Sprint Phone By Call

If you aren’t convenient with the browser, you can activate the Sprint phone by contacting Sprint’s customer support.

1. Before contacting them, you must keep the necessary information such as IMEI, serial number, SIM card’s ICCID number, and social security number.

2. Next, dial the Sprint customer support helpline at 888-211-4727.

3. Request for the Sprint phone activation and follow the on-call instructions.

Finally, your sprint phone will be activated within a few minutes.


1. How to activate Sprint iPhone?

You can activate your Sprint iPhone in three different ways without hassle. By visiting the official site of Sprint, contacting Sprint’s customer support, or using iTunes.

2. How to activate a Sprint phone with a SIM card?

If you want to use the SIM in your new Sprint phone, you need to activate them. Keep your activation code safe and backup your phone data. Next, create a Sprint account, and follow the on-screen steps to activate the SIM card.

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