How to Activate The Mechanism in Genshin Impact

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The Heavenly Stone’s Debris is the last part of The Chasm Delvers World Helpline. You need to activate the mechanism in Genshin Impact in the stony halls. Lumenstone Adjuvant must be at least in level 2, and we recommend you to bring the character that can break hydro shields. There are three mechanisms on the cavern floor and you need to activate them to complete the quest. The mechanisms are not working since the oozing concretions are placed nearby them. Go on with this guide to learn how to activate the mechanism.

How to Activate The Mechanism in Genshin Impact

First, you can mark the locations of the three mechanisms on the world map and also on the min map with the help of a quest. You can find locked mechanisms nearby the Oozing concretions. And you need to banish them by activating the Lumenstone adjuvant.

activate the mechanism

1. Activate the First Mechanism

You can find the first mechanism in the middle of the stony halls. Before activating the first mechanism, make sure you have enough energy, stand near the first pillar and recharge it. Activating the first mechanism is a straightforward process. You need to remove the slime and then activate the mechanism.

2. The Second Mechanism

The second pillar is the next mechanism your need to stand again there and consume enough Lumenstone adjuvant energy. You can activate the second mechanism as you did for the first one. But before activating the second mechanism, you need to remove the ooze and defeat the enemies.

activate the mechanism

3. The third Mechanism

To activate the third mechanism, you need to scale a cliff and you can find the offending mechanism in the short distance around the mechanism. After you remove the ooze, you can activate the third mechanism and complete the quest. If you fail in the process, you have to activate the mechanism again.

activate the mechanism

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you activate the Mechanism in Genshin Impact Inazuma?

Activate all three mechanisms by using the map and by following the arrow direction.

2. Can I complete the quest without activating the third mechanism?

No, you can complete the quest only after activating the three mechanisms.

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