How to Activate Tracfone [3 Methods]

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Tracfone is a prepaid phone service that is available for the people of the US and its nearby territories. We can benefit by paying for what we use in advance, which means the users can purchase the minutes or data in advance. This would keep us from paying for the contracts or monthly bills. Furthermore, its services can be utilized by accessing it online at our convenience. However, to enjoy their service, the first thing would be to activate the Tracfone. After activation, the online medium would be the go-to option to add minutes or check the status of our Tracfone account.

How to Activate Tracfone Using Online with New Number

It is one of the simplest methods for activating a Tracfone SIM card, where the only requirement is a stable internet connection. But, in this method, we will be assigned a new Tracfone number.

[1]. Open the default browser; it can be on Windows or Mac device.

[2]. Navigate to the Tranfone official website’s activation page.

TracFone Login Page

[3]. Click on the I Have a Tracfone Phone option.

[4]. Enter the Tracfone serial number on the respective field.

[5]. Now, provide your ZIP code as it prompts, and choose your plan from the list.

[6]. Finally, create an account and finalize the activation.

How to Activate Tracfone Using Online with Old Number

If you don’t wish to change your number and would like to keep the same number for your new Tracfone.

[1]. Open the Tracfone activation page on the default browser.

[2]. Click on the Transferring the Number option.

Tracfone website

[3]. Doing so would take you through several prompts and on-screen instructions.

[4]. First, you will have to provide the new device serial number, followed by the old Tracfone number you wish to keep.

[5]. Finally, insert the Serial number of the old Tracfone, complete the setup process and switch to the old Tracfone number.

How to Activate Tracfone Via Phone

Suppose you don’t have a stable internet connection or are unaware of using a PC. Alternatively, we can activate Tracfone by using their customer service facility.

[1]. Dail 800-867-7183 using any phone, but ensure to be ready with the Serial number or the SIM Card number for activation.

[2]. Follow the on-call instruction, and provide the necessary details for verification and activation of the new phone.

Like Tracfone, you can also activate a T-Mobile SIM card via online or by phone call.


Can we use Tracfone without Activation?

You will be able to connect to the Wi-Fi without activation but will not be able to make calls or texts.

How to Reactivate expired Tracfone?

If the Tracfone gets expired, simply go to the Tracfone official website and click on the activate option available in the menu. Then, follow the on-screen instruction to reactivate the number again.

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