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How to Activate Walmart Gift Card

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Walmart products and its services are pretty famous worldwide. Nowadays, most retail stores offer gift cards to attract customers. Likewise, Walmart also offers gift cards to their customer to get extra benefits. To avail of the benefits of the Walmart gift card, you have to activate it. Most of the Walmart gift cards are issued by Visa.

You can activate your gift card through three methods.

  • Online
  • At Walmart Store
  • Customer Support

Remember, all you need is the ID number, PIN, and activation code of the gift card.

activate Walmart gift card

How to Activate Walmart Gift Card [Online]

[1] Open any web browser on your preferred device.

[2] On the gift card, you can get the Walmart activation website. You can check your email for the same.

Note: Make sure that you are typing the URL without any mistakes. There are similar websites available to steal gift card rewards.

[3] Enter the URL given and check whether the webpage is a legitimate one.

[4] Enter the ID number, activation code, and PIN. You can find this information in your mail.

[5] After entering the code, your Walmart gift card will be activated.

NOTE: Register your Walmart gift card to prevent the hack and other malpractices.

How to Activate Walmart Gift Card [At Store]

[1] Get the Walmart gift card.

[2] Choose an amount to be loaded onto the card.

[3] Once you make the purchase with the card, it will be activated automatically.

[4] After this, consult with the cashier to check whether the card has been activated properly or not.

How to Activate Walmart Gift Card [Customer Support]

This is another quick method to activate the gift card by calling Walmart’s toll-free number. When you’re handy with the information such as ID number, PIN, and activation code, you can simply call the Walmart toll-free number and proceed for activation. Keep in mind not all Walmart cards comes with a PIN and code, each gift card varies.

activate Walmart gift card

[1] Get ready to speak with the customer service representative or the automated voice prompts.

[2] Dial at these numbers 800-411-7942, 866-633-9096, 800-925-6278.

[3] Perform the voice prompts correctly and activate the gift card.

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

[1] Open the Walmart webpage and log in to your account.

[2] Navigate to the Balance page and click on Manage Gift Cards or Check Gift Cards.

[3] Enter the 16-digit number and its PIN and click on the Get card balance.

[4] Your remaining balance amount and other card details will be flashed on the screen.

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1. How do I activate my Walmart gift card?

You can activate your Walmart gift card in three different ways.

2. What if the gift cards get expire?

Request a replacement card online by visiting the Walmart site or dialing the toll-free number 1-866-633-9096.

3. How to activate Walmart gift cards without a receipt?

Without receipt, you can’t activate the Walmart gift cards.

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