How to Activate WhatsApp Business Account [Step-by-Step]

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  • On Mobile: Install App →Launch App → Agree Terms and Conditions → Choose Country Code → Enter Phone Number → Click Next → Enter Verification Code → Allow access → Enter Business Details → Explore Profile

WhatsApp has made it easier for businesses to facilitate communication with customers. However, this would greatly benefit organizations ranging from small to large-scale industries. This allows us to automate messages, respond to queries, and upload catalog using their APIs. This app is similar to WhatsApp Messenger and allows you to chat, send photos, etc. It is available on Google Play Store and App Store for both iPhone and Android devices as well. So, to promote and utilize these features, all you have to do is to activate your WhatsApp business account. Moreover, it is not mandatory to download the app separately if you are not a business person.

How to Activate WhatsApp Business Account

1. Install the WhatsApp Business app on your smartphone.

2. Once installed, tap the Open button and launch the WhatsApp Business app.

3. Then, read WhatsApp’s terms of services and conditions and hit the Agree and Continue button to proceed.

Hit the Accept and Continue

4. To add a country code, choose your country from the drop-down list.

5. Enter the phone number you wish to use to create a WhatsApp Business Account and hit the Done or Next button.

  • Use your Professional business phone number instead of using your number.
Enter your phone number

6. Now, you will receive 6- a digit verification code via SMS that automatically fills in the WhatsApp Business Verification screen.

Enter 6 digit verification code

7. Give access to your contacts and media files in WhatsApp Business by hitting the Continue button. This will help you to connect with your customer.

Tap the Continue button Activate WhatsApp Business Account
  • If you activated two-factor authentication, enter the code. This will take some time, based on your device size.

8. To create an account, enter your business name, choose a business category, and select Profile Picture.

9. Further, hit the EXPLORE option and choose the Business Profile.

Tap Explore Activate WhatsApp Business Account
  • In the business profile, you can add all the business-related information like Business address, description, working hours, and more.

10. Finally, you are ready to use your WhatsApp Business Account and start the chat with the customers.


Can I use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use WhatsApp Business on multiple devices at a time. It is possible to link up to 4 devices on one phone to your account.

How to use WhatsApp Business on PC?

First, launch your WhatsApp on your phone. Then, navigate to Settings, hit WhatsApp Web/Desktop, and use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on your Microsoft Windows or Mac screen. Finally, you are ready to use the WhatsApp Business app on your desktop.

Can I use the WhatsApp Business app for marketing?

The Whatsapp business is a messenger marketing to promote our brand via WhatsApp. Doing so helps us reach enormous audiences and enhance customer relationships; this would parallelly increase sales.

Can I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on the same number?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to have the same number linked to both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business App.

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