How to Activate WiFi Calling on iPhone

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WiFi calling is one of the most demanded features by people. You can activate WiFi calling on your iPhone to contact the person to avoid cellular coverage problems. Generally, it works based on VoIP applications, similar to regular calls. Therefore, the person on the receiving end can receive the calls usually. With the WiFi calling feature, you can call any landlines or toll-free numbers. This feature helps to avoid incurring charges and additional network coverage issues.

Things to Remember Before Making a WiFi Call

1. WiFi calling is supported on the iPhone 5c and above models. For a better WiFi calling experience, stay indoors.

2. You must connect your iPhone to a fast network carrier such as Verizon, spectrum, Tracfone, etc.

3. For better signal options, relocate your area and activate a valid address under the terms and conditions of LTE coverage areas.

4. According to the International Long-Distance calls, the network carrier bills you.

Activate WiFi Calling on iPhone

[1] Go to the Settings on your iPhone and click on the Phone section in the settings.

[2] Click on WiFi Calling under the Phone section.

enabling WiFi calling

[3] Next, enable the WiFi Calling feature by tapping on the toggle button.

[4] Once you have enabled it, you can see the WiFi symbol on the status bar next to the cellular network.

activate WiFi calling on iPhone

[5] A small pop-up will appears on the screen for confirmation. Tap on Enable.

[6] Then, you need to update your emergency address. Click on Update Emergency Address, fill in the details of Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and Zip Code, and Save it.

updating emergency address

[7] Check out the Terms and Conditions and click on Continue.

accepting terms and conditions

[8] The address pop-up appears. You can either edit your emergency address or tap on Save.

saving address

[9] After activating, you can use the feature of WiFi Calling on your iPhone.

If you have trouble connecting your iPhone to the WiFi or facing issues in enabling the WiFi calling feature, you can contact Apple Customer Support immediately to resolve the issues.

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1. Why can’t I enable Wi-Fi Calling on my iPhone?

Try connecting to a different network or go to Settings → Phone → WiFi calling → Make sure your WiFi Calling feature is enabled. Then, restart your device and try again.

2. Is Wi-Fi Calling Free on iPhone?

Yes. It is free of cost, but depending on your cellular plans and carrier charges, you might be billed.

3. What are the disadvantages of WiFi calling?

Inadequate signal strength, some devices won’t support WiFi Calling, restrictions on international calls, and data usage fees may be charged. These are some of the disadvantages of WiFi calling.

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