How to Activate Wisely Card in a Few Minutes

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The Wisely card encourages people toward a cashless system that improves employees’ efficiency in serving constituents and offers convenience. We can load up funds into the Wisely account for a personalized payment. So, we can use the money through Mastercard and Visa cards issued by this company. Wisely is a convenient, prepaid card that allows you to shop online and purchase goods and services. However, you need to activate your Wisely card before its first usage.

Benefits/Advantages of Wisely Card

Similar to PayPal and Way2Go, the Wisely is also a prepaid debit card. It offers cards in two different types: Wisely Pay and Wisely Direct. However, both the cards offer similar benefits that we can enjoy once the card is active. And the process to activate Wisely pay and Wisely direct are the same.

[1] Get a unique personalized card with your name printed on it.

[2] We can reload the wisely card from over 70,000 locations across the nation.

[3] Wisely is free from monthly service, overdraft fees, minimum balances, or direct deposit charges.

[4] The built-in EMV chip prevents malicious activity.

[5] You can also sign up for government benefits like payroll, tax refund, and other benefits.

[6] Purchase goods and services, pay your bills, and any stuffs with the help of their Mastercard.

[7] Gain cashback rewards, referral bonuses, and various product discounts.

[8] With just a single tap through your smartphone and from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you can check your balance and access seamlessly.

How to Activate Wisely Card Online

[1] Go to the page to carry out the activation process.

[2] Enter the 16-digit card number and expiration date in the respective fields.

[3] Check the box to confirm that you aren’t a Robot and hit the Continue button.

Activate Wisely Card

[4] Follow the on-screen instruction to fill in the accurate details like Social Security Number, Card Verification Value, etc.

[5] Fill out your personal information one by one in the required fields.

[6] Select your 4-digit PIN and hit the Activate button to finish the activation process.

[7] A prompt message appears on your screen, including a successfully activated notification. Create an account and utilize all the features available on the card.

How to Activate Wisely Card Via Phone

Another dependable method is activating the Wisely card using a phone number. So, the cardholders can reach out to the toll-free number and activate it by following the IVR on-call instructions.

[1] Pick up your smartphone and dial 1-866-313-9029, and follow the IVR instruction.

[2] If you feel that the IVR instruction is not helpful or difficult to follow.

[3] Press # on the keypad to connect directly to the customer service executive.

[4] Provide all the necessary details necessary for account verification and also card activation.

[5] Your Wisely card will be active and ready to use within some time.

[6] Activate the Wisely card, log in to the website online or call 1-866-313-9029 to check the account balance.

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1. Why can’t I authenticate my Wisely card?

Within 90 business days, if you don’t activate the Wisely card, your Wisely enrollment will be closed permanently. The remaining or available funds will be mailed back to you via cheque.

2. Where to withdraw money from the Wisely account?

From savings, you can transfer your funds to your Wisely primary card account through the app or website. Select the Future tab, click on the Withdraw option, and enter the amount you wish to transfer.

3. Where can we get a Wisely card?

Usually, the wisely card is sent through email within 7-10 days of enrollment. So, we won’t be able to activate or use the Wisely card before receiving it.

4. How to use the Wisely card?

We can use the Wisely card for free, including phone, in-store, or online purchases accepting Debit Master or Visa cards.

5. How to use a Wisely card at ATM?

The Wisely website has the option to locate the surge-free ATMs around your locality.

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