How to Activate Xfinity Mobile

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  • Method 1: Visit Xfinity activation siteLog InChoose phoneNew phone numberActivate
  • Method 2: Bring your deviceChange phone number or I want a new numberActivate SIM

Xfinity is a renowned telecommunication company and a division of Comcast Corporation that provides users with cable TV, mobiles, internet, home security, and wireless services. Xfinity provides offers for students, teachers, and the military. In addition, it offers unlimited calling and texting options to users. To enjoy these unlimited benefits, you need to activate Xfinity mobile.

Steps to Activate Xfinity Mobile

You can activate Xfinity Mobile in two different ways.

  • Through Xfinity’s official site
  • Using BYOD

Unboxing the New Xfinity Mobile and SIM Card

As we purchase the Xfinity Mobile, you will get an Xfinity Mobile SIM card, a smartphone, a charger, and other accessories.

[1]. Before beginning the activation process, insert the Xfinity SIM into the new phone.

[2]. If you plan to sign up via BYOD, remove the old SIM from the device and install the new SIM provided by Xfinity.

[3]. In case you plan to upgrade to Xfinity Mobile for the whole family. You will get SIM cards with labels to avoid confusion.

How to Activate Xfinity Mobile Via Online

[1]. Open the browser and navigate to the Xfinity activation site.

Xfinity site activation page

[2]. Now, proceed further by logging in or creating a new account if you are using it for the first time.

[3]. Choose the desired phone for the activation process.

[4]. You might require the Primary carrier’s PIN and account number when you are about to port the existing number. You will be able to retrieve the necessary data from the previous bills or reach out to the previous company.

[6]. Click on the New Phone Number option at the time of activation.

[7]. Now, click on Activate, and within 10 minutes, the phone will be ready to use if you have opted to port your existing number.

[8]. If you have requested a new phone number, you will receive a confirmation Email after the activation process.

Tips! If you have purchased a smartphone from Spectrum, you can activate Spectrum phone quickly in three different ways.

How to Activate Xfinity Mobile Using BYOD

You can bring your device to Xfinity mobile to activate it.

Prerequisite for Activation

[1]. Ensure to have an activated Google account or Apple ID.

[2]. Check if the smartphone is connected to a stable WiFi network.

[3]. Make sure to carry the necessary details about the previous carries, including bills.

Change your Phone Number

[1]. Now, you will have to complete the process of transferring the phone number.

[2]. To do that, you need to carry the previous bill and the billing address for verification.

[3]. If you require a new number, click on the I want a new number option.

Activate New Xfinity SIM Card

[1]. Click on the Activate SIM from the drop-down menu on the Xfinity activation page.

[2]. Wait for the confirmation email when the process is completed.

[3]. When you get the email, the new SIM card will be ready and can be used on your preferred mobile device.


1. How to set up voicemail on Xfinity mobile?

To set a voicemail greeting message, dial *99 from your Xfinity voice number. Now, enter the passcode when prompted. When accessing the voicemail for the first time, you must create a password and record the personalized greeting message.

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