How to Activate Xfinity Modem

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  • App: Tap Log InStart ActivationEnter Modem MAC numberCheck Connection Continue to Xfinity.
  • Online: Visit activation pageVerify Xfinity accountActivate

Xfinity modem is an all-in-one device that serves internet connection, voice, network security, and more functions. It is also known as xFi Gateways, available in different specifications and features for home and business use. Moreover, Xfinity offers other products such as Xfinity Mobile, Xfinity Streaming, etc. If you’ve purchased the Xfinity modem, you need to activate it to use the internet and voice features. You can activate the Xfinity modem in two ways.

  • Xfinity app
  • Xfinity activation site

Features of Xfinity Modem

1. It lets you connect with voice, network security, and parental controls to experience ultimate wholesome coverage.

2. Depending on the subscription plan, users can access the extended coverage, speed, control, and security updates.

3. Xfinity offers internet speed upto 6000 Mbps which is more than other network services.

4. You can connect unlimited devices such as tablets, gaming systems, thermostats, etc.

Activate Xfinity Modem Using App

Download the Xfinity app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play Store to activate your Xfinity modem or gateway using the app.

[1] Launch the Xfinity app and start logging in with your credentials.

Note: Remember, you should be the primary user or manager to access the app and activate the service. So, use the ID and password of the primary user.

[2] Once your internet connection has been detected, you will get a prompt as Start Activation.

click Start Activation to Activate Xfinity Modem

[3] Next, connect the coax cable to the outlet and the modem’s back. If you have the Xfinity voice feature, connect your phone cord from the back of your phone receiver and connect with the modem after connecting your coax cable.

[4] Plug the modem’s power cord into the outlet.

plug the modem's power into the outlet and click next

[5] Enter your Modem’s MAC number, and hit Next.

enter MAC number

[6] A prompt message pops up on your screen, and tap Check Connection.

tap on Check Connection to activate Xfinity modem

[7] Once connected, your Xfinity service will be activated within a few minutes.

wait patiently until the activation process finishes

[8] If you’re using Xfinity voice, your Xfinity voice number will be displayed. If you haven’t subscribed to the voice feature, you will receive the confirmation only.

click continue to Xfinity

With the app’s help, you can view your modem status, payment details, speed tests, and other information. If your activation fails or any problem occurs, you can contact Xfinity Support to troubleshoot the error by text or call.

Tips! If you are unsatisfied with Xfinity Modem, you can purchase and activate Spectrum Modem for its robust features and specifications.

Activate Xfinity Modem Online

Before you activate online, certain requirements must be considered to avoid mishaps during the activation process. First, ensure your modem or gateway is ready for activation with a light blinking on the front and top, based on the model. Next, establish a temporary internet connection via Ethernet or WiFi and proceed with the activation process.

[1] Launch a web browser on a smartphone or PC.

[2] Go to the page and click Here.

[3] Click Mobile phone number or Xfinity ID & Password to verify your Xfinity account.

Activate Xfinity modem online

[4] Type your mobile phone number, and click Next.

[5] Enter the OTP that you’ve received on your registered mobile number. Click Next.

[6] Wait until the activation process finishes. When the configuration is over, you can connect with other internet-linked devices. After the activation, your gateway will restart only after 10-15 minutes.


1. How to connect the Xfinity modem to the smart TV?

On your smart TV, navigate to Network Settings → Select WiFi or Wireless (Your smart TV starts searching for the network) → Select the network → Enter the passwordConnect.

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