How to Activate Zoom Account [Mobile/PC]

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  • On Mobile: Install App →Click Sign UpVerify DOB → Fill Mail ID & Name → Verify Email ID → Click Activate Account → Click Start Meeting Now
  • On PC or Mac: Go to Website → Enter DOB → Provide Email/ Sign In → Verify Email → Click Activate Account → Create New Password → Go to My Account

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing app that offers many features, including video conferences, meetings, webinars, live chats, audio conferencing, and more. However, having an account to participate in a meeting is not mandatory. But, if you wish to utilize all the features, you can access them by paying for a subscription. So, the first step would be to activate a Zoom account by downloading it from the Google Play Store or App Store. Zoom is compatible with most devices that work on platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, and more. However, we have the option to try using it for free, helping us decide on upgrading to a premium plan.

Subscription Plan of Zoom

Here are some of the premium subscription plans that Zoom offers.

  • Zoom Pro Subscription Plan– $14.99 monthly and $149.90 annually
  • Zoom Business Subscription Plan– 19.99 monthly and $199.90 annually.

How to Activate Zoom Account Via Mobile

1. Install the Zoom app on your Smartphone.

2. Once installed, launch the Zoom app on your smartphone, including Android and iPhone.

3. Now, you will see three options Join a meeting, Sign up for Zoom, or Sign in to a Zoom account.

4. Tap Sign up, and click on the Continue option by selecting the date to verify your age.

5. Enter the email address you want to use for this account, followed by your first and last name.

Choose Sign Up process

6. Then, choose the Sign Up option, and you will receive a confirmation email to verify your account in the registered email ID.

7. Click the Activate Account button in the verification mail.

Choose Activate  Account
  • You can also copy and paste the activation link in the URL field on your mobile browser.

8. Now, you will see the Personal Zoom meeting URL page.

9. Choose between Start Meeting Now or Go to My Account option.

  • Go to the My Account option if you wish to update your profile by adding photos.
  • Or tap on the Start Meeting Now option to join the meeting.

10. Further, it will take you to the app’s waiting room before joining the test meeting.

11. To launch the meeting, tap the Sign-in option at the bottom. Then, enter your login credentials and hit the Sign In option.

Hit Join a Meeting

12. Finally, you can participate in the Zoom meeting through your Smartphone.

How to Activate Zoom Account on your PC or Mac

1. On your Mac or Windows PC, open the Official Zoom website on the default browser.

2. Select the Date of birth for verification purposes and proceed further by clicking on the Continue option.

3. Under the Sign Up Free tab, enter your email address or select an alternative Sign-in method.

Enter email address and Sign in

4. Click the Sign-Up button, and Zoom will send a confirmation link to the registered mail ID.

5. Tap on the Activate Account option we received in the email to complete verification.

Choose Activate Account

6. Enter the name, create a password for your Zoom account, and click on the Continue option.

7. On the next page, you will be prompted to add your colleagues to the column. Tap the Skip this step option and move forward to the final step.

8. To start a test meeting, tap the Go to My Account option.

Choose Go to My Account

11. Finally, you are ready to use this app on your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can download the Zoom app on your PC or Mac from the official Zoom website. During Covid19, this app has been used the most to stay connected with other members and conduct virtual meetings as well.


How many users can I have in the Zoom pro account?

In the Zoom pro account, you can add more than 10 users. But only 9 members can assign licenses; the rest are considered basic users.

How many participants can join a meeting in zoom?

All plans of Zoom permit up to 100 participants in each meeting.

How to add multiple users to a Zoom account?

To add multiple users, Sign in to your Zoom account. Then, choose User Management and tap Users. Now, enter the details of the users and hit the Add option. Finally, all the users will receive the joining link via mail.

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