How to Reactivate Skype Credit [Online]

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  • On Website: Open Website →Login with credentials → Go to Your Account → Click Reactivate it now → Go to Skype Credit → Click Reactivate Credit

Skype Credit offers the benefit of pay-as-you-go, a convenient and quick way to pay for calls at lower rates. So it would be useful for those who make lesser calls and pay for their usage. You can use this app for making calls to landlines and mobiles, including iPhone and Android. Also, if you want to purchase Skype Credit, there are two ways, one is through the app, and the other one is through the web. If you are inactive for over 180 days in Skype Credit, it will automatically deactivate your account. So to avoid this, you can send a text or make a call every 180 days, or else you need to reactivate your Skype Credit account by following some procedures.

How to Reactivate Skype Credit on Official Website

1. First, navigate to the Skype Website on any default browser of a Mac or Windows device, and Sign in to the account by entering valid credentials.

2. Then, choose Your Account from the available option.

Choose your Account

3. Now, you will see a notification on your screen that is, Your Skype credit is inactive, followed by a text link Reactivate it now.

Tap Reactivate it now

4. Tap on that link to Reactivate it now. Now, you will be taken to the Skype Credit screen.

5. Under the Skype Credit Page, hit the Reactivate Credit button that appears blue below the screen.

  • If you are using iOS devices for this process, you can’t find the Reactivate Credit option. In this case, you need to clear the history and cookies on your device and Sign in.
Tap Reactivate Credit

6. Further, you will be taken to the confirmation page. It may take more than 10 minutes to complete the reactivation process.

7. Once the Skype Credit reactivate process is over or done, you will receive a confirmation email from Skype.

Note: If you don’t see any Credit option on your Skype page, you need to contact the Skype customer care service. They will send you an email with the link to reactivate your credit. Once you reactivate your Skype credit, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Tips! Skype works similarly to Facetime, providing users with the option to make video and audio calls. But the only difference is that Skype works with any device, whereas Facetime works only on Apple devices.


How long does Skype Credit last?

The Skype Credit lasts forever but will go inactive after 180 days when it is not in use.

How to reactivate your Skype number?

To reactivate your Skype number, Sign in to your account and select the Skype Number under the Manage feature. Then, choose the Reactivate link below the number you wish to reactivate. Finally, your Skype number will be reactivated as fast as your amount has been accepted. Remember, you must clear your history and cookies if you don’t see any Skype number.

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